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We believe attention to detail makes a difference with funeral stationery. Commemorating the life of a loved one is a momentous occasion. Everything you purchase to help mark it, from flowers to order of service cards to your book of condolence, should reflect this in quality and style.

A hard box branded with the logo.

Available in two sizes.

This product is the inner packaging for your funeral stationery items and comes free as part of your stationery order.

This product is for the purchase of additional boxes or just a box on its own.


In fact, we believe this is so important that we apply the highest standards of design and craftsmanship not only to the products we sell themselves, but also to the packaging they come in.

Our keepsake boxes are a gift from us to you, a small token of our sympathy and a thank you for choosing our service. When you buy funeral stationery from us - funeral service cards, a condolence book, announcement and thank you cards - they come shipped in a simple, stylish, durable memory box for no extra charge.

Our thinking is twofold. First, we want the service we provide to befit the occasion in every way. As we said, details matter. We understand our customers want everything to be just right when they mark the passing of a dear friend or family member. We aim to provide that assurance of quality from the moment your order arrives.

Second, we want our boxes to provide a practical purpose. When someone very close to you passes away, it may fall to you to sort through and organise their personal effects at some point. Our gift to you is a personalised keepsake box that you can use to store whichever momentos of their life you choose to keep, creating a lasting record of their memory.

From many years in the funeral stationery trade, we have learnt to appreciate just how important memories are for people when they lose someone they love. We understand that remembering and commemorating a person’s life does not end when the funeral is over. We wanted to create a product that put this to the fore.

Our bereavement memory boxes are available to purchase even if you don’t order any stationery from us. Perhaps some time has passed since the funeral and you are only now getting around to organising their belongings. Once the initial pain of a loved one’s passing subsides, this in itself can be a very uplifting and positive experience. It can be very rewarding to immerse yourself in their memory, to take the opportunity to take full stock of their life and the person they were. For many people, this can be a very cathartic part of the grieving process.

With a keepsake box, you can create an archive that tells the story of person’s life. Letters, photographs, personal documents, small possessions can all be included. You might want to hold onto items that hold sentimental value for you, that bring back memories that are personal and special to you that you do not wish to let go of. Or it could be, especially in the case of children or grandchildren making a bereavement memory box for a parent or older relative, that you use it as a chance to learn about their past and put together a lasting record in their honour.

Our plain grey, hard keepsake boxes are available in two sizes, small (229 x 163 x 50mm) and large (213 x 305 x 50mm).

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